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Jamie Mulholland Speaks to Fairleigh Dickinson Students on Writing

April 07, 2006

Jamie Mulholland participated in a panel discussion before a group of over 100 Fairleigh Dickinson University students this week on the importance of writing in one's career.

To the group, a class studying Freshman Composition, Mulholland covered such topics as:

  • How, when and where writing is used in getting clients.
  • The many diverse areas of your professional career touched by writing, and
  • The hallmarks of strong writing.

Mulholland stressed that writing - in every document, every invoice, every e-mail and every communication, not just "hard core" writing (such as for proposals, articles or presentations) - represents 'who you are' to employers, clients, and colleagues alike and can go a long way towards those audiences developing a positive perception of you and, in effect, promoting your business as much as you yourself do.

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