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Jamie Mulholland

Focusing exclusively on marketing for law firms for twenty five years.

Jamie Mulholland

In 2000, Jamie was recruited from a marketing role in another industry to become the first in-house marketer for a Southern New Jersey law firm with a global practice. After several years with the firm, she left to become an “a la carte” marketer for smaller firms whose sizes do not justify the addition of a full time marketing director, but whose goals require the advocacy of an experienced marketing professional.

Her 30+ year career has spanned the public relations, event management and broadcasting fields, but she now focuses almost exclusively on marketing for law firms.

She has had a bunch of leadership roles in the industry, she has written for publications worldwide, and she has won a few awards doing all that stuff along the way. 

Click here to read about some of those activities, here if you would like to learn more about the services she provides law firms, or here if you're ready to get in touch with Jamie. 

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